Since first introducing our services, Rocking T Kennel has been able to cater for a variety of individuals.
We believe that their words speak far louder than any of ours.

Couldn’t be happier with my little Libby! I bought my female sheltie from Roy, February 2016. Libby is so playful, smart, quick learner, loving, healthy, bundle of joy, and a great companion. Roy is an excellent breeder who cares about the puppies & truly wants them in good caring homes. Roy was kind enough to send photos & videos of Libby until I could come get her. He is easy to work with, and is great at raising healthy lovely dogs. I would recommend Roy to anyone looking for a Sheltie puppy!

Emily Wilson

We got our English Setter puppy from Rocking T Kennels about 2 months ago, and from day one he was so eager to learn. He has great temperament and very playful and minds the boundaries that he’s being taught. He is still a puppy so he tests the limits sometimes. At this point he is almost 5 months old and can sit, laydown, rollover, shake and high five (there is a difference), and our new favorite trick the army crawl after only being with us for a short period of time. He has settled in very nicely with our two older setters and our daughter, you can tell he has been socialized since he was young. He is fearless and wants to play all the time. I have no doubt as time goes on he will develop into the family dog we are training him to be. When we went to pick out our pup it was also nice to see other dogs from his bloodline. Rocking T kennels has all of his ancestors back to great grandpa on site. I believe Roy said he was 14. Which gives me the feeling we will have many, many more great years to share with our handsome little guy. Roy was very friendly and I can’t tell him enough what great dogs he really is producing. We would definitely recommend his puppies to anyone looking for an English setter as there new family member!



Last February 8 we drove to Nebraska to get our puppy Max. Roy met us halfway.

Max is a Shetland Sheepdog. Max is our second Sheltie. Max is healthy, happy, energetic and smart. Boy is he smart. He picks up new tricks easily.

Max is a year old now and a welcome and loved member of our family. If I could handle another Sheltie I would go to Roy in a heart beat! We are totally satisfied and would enthusiastically recommend Roy as a reliable breeder.

May God richly bless and keep you!


This was a very positive experience from start to finish. We lost our English Setter, Angel, in August 2013 after 16 wonderful years. She was the best dog ever. We finally began to consider a new dog in January and accidentally came across Abby at Rocking T Kennels on Puppyfind.com. After a few conversations with Roy Schrunk and reading reviews of his kennel, we were convinced that he is an honest and trustworthy breeder. He has proven this to be true and we recommend him without reservation. We had a lot of anxiety with Abby being put on an airplane in Omaha and stopping in Chicago before coming home to Pittsburgh in cold temperatures. Roy arranged her transportation and made her very comfortable in a travel crate, with carpeting, bedding, food and all necessary paperwork. He also included a bag of her food to assist in her transition. Abby has adapted very well, despite the aberrant winter weather which makes housebreaking a challenge. Nonetheless, she loves the outdoors, all the neighbors and other dogs. She also displays hunting instincts although she is only our family pet. I don’t know if there will ever be another Angel, but Abby has been a joyful addition so far.

Pittsburgh PA

I spent many hours searching the web to find the perfect St. Bernard puppy. I found my (little) BIG boy with Roy. Roy spent many hours trying to get my little man too me in upstate NY. We had a few hurdles with the weather, which is common in our neck of the woods. Once me and my grand children finally got to meet our baby at the airport cargo pickup it was love at first sight!!!! Roy you were more than a pleasure to work with, and you have made our family very happy. I will be talking to you soon for our little baby girl!!!!! Thank you so much for a beautiful, healthy, and beyond smart St. Bernard puppy.

Ronda Fusco

We recently purchased a little girl, sheltie from Roy. I was a little skeptical at first like I am sure everyone is. I am one of those people that fell into the trap of getting scammed online. It was over a year ago and was really worried to go through that again. I decided to go on a website and just look when I found this beautiful little girl with one black ear. I decided to send an email just for the heck of it. Roy was such a nice man and completly understood my worries and was willing to do anything to prove to us that she was real. He even went as far as to send a pic with my name on a piece of paper next to her. We recieved her over the weekend and I have to say she is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever owned. We have had her only a few days, and already she goes outside to use the bathroom, and is a big cuddle bug. It did take her 24 hours to get used to us, but he told me she was a little shy. All in all she was the best purchase I have made and well worth it. I highly recommend buying a dog from Roy and to chose him over any other ad you may see. I get compliments every where we take her and by far has the best temperment.

Thank You Roy

Kristina, Rylee, and Little Molie!!!!

Just wanted to share what a wonderful experience we’ve had adopting our baby girl Sable Sheltie, Miley. Roy was very prompt and open over the phone, answering all questions as well as forwarding pictures as requested. He traveled to meet us as our schedule didn’t allow for a long day trip and he had all the paperwork ready and in order when we arrived. We had a nice visit before we traveled home with Miley. She is beautiful, healthy, playful, very socialable with other dogs, and just a cuddle bug. She adjusted very well to her new home and quickly. She and
our 4-year old male Sable Sheltie, Jack-Jack, are getting along great. You can definitely tell she was well taken care of by Roy. We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful addition to our family.

The Burkhart Family
Salix, Iowa

My husband and I purchased Piston, 8 week old male Saint Bernard, from Roy on May 1st. We called late at night, and we live in Greeley, CO. Roy answered the phone and spoke to my husband. He was very friendly and was willing to meet us half way (3 hour drive) to deliver the puppy that we selected over the internet. We are so happy with this beautiful boy and we are also very happy with Roy. He took the time to give us detailed information and a bag of dog food so that our little boy would have a successful transition. We renamed him Bull Dozer and he is a great addittion to our family. Thank you Roy for giving us such a wonderful pet!

Dale, Kerry, Dale Jr, and Evan

About a week ago, I went online searching for a dog to breed with two of my sheltie girls and saw a beautiful blue merle owned by Roching T Kennels and I called late at night. The dog was not the right size to breed to my girls but Roy worked with me and sent that night pics of his breeders and puppies and he had a dog that he knew would be perfect and it was slated as a breeder.. I was interested and he sent pics that evening and we were interested. He immediately weighted the dog and measured and it was perfect…no punches. He was quick and direct and the dog was totally perfect.. It was sold.. He, and that same night, made all the arrangements and the price was outstanding. We just could not believe it.. Within a few days, the dog arrived.
We could not believe our eyes. He was a healthy, prancing, show dog. His personality was outstanding and he sleeps with us and the two girls on the waterbed..He is social and we could not have ever found a better dog…I have never met Roy, but he is in our thoughts and prayers for the rest of our lives and we cannot thank him enough for our little Frankie Vallee…My children have visited and they are all waiting for us to get too old and all want this dog..I am surprised one of them has not stolen him..It has been mentioned. If I ever desire another dog…Roy is the first and last person we will call….

Paulette and Joe, Central Maine
Future owners, James and Liz
Vikki and Nathan,
Joan and Ron, or
Anne and Valeri

I just want to let people know how I enjoy working with Roy . We have bought Sheltie’s from other breeders and none of them was as concerned and caring as Roy, we are very pleased with the little girl we got. Roy is very honest and a super person to talk to. I would highly reccomend him to anyone looking for a sheltie. Thanks Again Roy

Jeff and Lisa from WI

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